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Technological Ecosystems for Digital Transformation

We are an Innovative Startup that does Applied Research, based on an Open Innovation model, in order to realize Innovative Digital Ecosystems to support companies in their Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 paths.

The common goal of all our Digital Ecosystems is to make business processes modern, digital and excellent in terms of quality, user experience, productivity and efficiency, thus also optimizing operating costs by means of the following enabling factors:

  1. Reduction of process waste and subsequent rework

  2. Increased automation of low-value and volume activities

  3. Use of available data for predictive and prescriptive analysis

  4. Moving from reactive to proactive event management

  5. Reallocation of people's free time to value-added activities

The combination of these 5 enabling factors allows us to obtain results very quickly, with significant qualitative and quantitative benefits and a ROI in the short term (6-12 months).

What we mean about "Ecosystems"

Innovation, the real one, the one that creates concrete and tangible value for companies and the community, is not the result of technological innovation for its own sake, but is the ability to create evolved Ecosystems, hybrid and intelligent, interconnecting the most modern technologies, processes, services and people, making the contribution of each one exponential.

The main technologies used in Ecosystems

We use the most advanced exponential technologies for the construction of Ecosystems:

  • Robotic Process Automation, Bot & Cobot

  • Business Process Management

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Big Data Analytics

  • Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality

  • Internet of Things

  • 5G Technologies

  • Blockchain

  • 3D Printing

The CONCEPT STORE 4.0 Ecosystem

Traditional Retail, based on the physical store, must completely revise, in a digital, modern and innovative way, the concept of the store and the business processes in order to compete in the market at the time of COVID-19 and the competition of online Retail (Amazon, Google Shopping, Alibaba, Ebay, Zalando, Privalia, Facebook Shops), emphasizing the User Experience and creating an empathic and lasting relationship with its customers, as well as increasing the efficiency and productivity of the store.

The use of innovative and disruptive technologies, such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT and virtual and augmented reality, will make it possible to customize the shopping experience of each customer, even in the physical store, making it rewarding both from an emotional and sensory point of view as well as practicality and efficiency, combining the best of the physical experience with the best of the virtual one.

The Ecosystem CONCEPT STORE 4.0, through the use of these technologies, allows:

  1. the digitization and resilience of sales processes, overcoming the limits of traditional sales processes based exclusively on physical presence in the store;

  2. to respect the social restrictions imposed by the current COVID-19 Pandemia, using the functionality of booking an appointment and/or virtual queuing, for a visit in the shop with or without a salesman;

  3. to increase the productivity of the store, thanks to the measurability of business performance (e.g. frequency of view of customers, buying habits, sales performance per employee), the increase in customer turnover index and the reduction of time spent in the store, allowing the customer to interact with a virtual salesperson (chatbot and / or human remotely) to carry out all the information actions preparatory to the sale (e.g. compilation of contracts) and / or functional to the collection of products (e.g. electronic shopping cart, digital payment and collection or physical shipment of products);

  4. to greatly improve the User Experience, thanks to the use of virtual reality both to make a virtual tour in the store, in order to see the available products and their characteristics (e.g. materials, fit, sizes, colors, prices, promotions, similar products, instructions for use, customer reviews, stock availability, etc.), and also to identify the physical location of the product within the store's lanes/shops, without having to ask a salesman for information.

The CONCEPT STORE 4.0 Ecosystem

The Installation, Maintenance and Technical Assistance processes are very complex and expensive, both in economic and organizational terms, as they are influenced by many factors, for example the failure rate of the equipment, the low knowledge of the end user of the correct operating modes; the low competence and reliability of the field technicians, in terms of timeliness and effectiveness of the intervention.

B-SMART4.0 is an Ecosystem designed to innovate installation, maintenance and technical assistance processes, making them predictive and proactive, increasing productivity up to 125% and optimizing installation and maintenance costs.

The main features of the B-SMART 4.0 platform are:

  1. Monitoring and analysis of equipment data in real time for the purposes of Predictive Maintenance

  2. Optimization and planning of the interventions of technicians in the field, through dynamic variables updated in real time (e.g. diagnostics, geolocation, spare parts availability, type and priority of intervention, appointments agenda, etc.).

  3. Guided support through Augmented Reality application to the technician on field or to the final customer during installation, management or maintenance of the equipment.

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